Viral Video: Man Pulls Two Giant Pythons By Their Tails

Viral Video: Man Pulls Two Giant Pythons By Their Tails

A video of the huge pythons is going viral online.

Jay Brewer, an American YouTuber and the founder and CEO of Reptile Zoo Prehistoric Inc., recently posted a video to Instagram in which he can be seen holding two enormous pythons.

In the video, two enormous pythons-a white and a black one-are seen tangled up with one another.

“It’s kind of amazing how big a reticulated python can get, and these are a couple of my biggest pythons. I know big snakes aren’t for everyone, but I’ve always known they were for me from a young age, but not many agreed,” he wrote in the caption.

Watch the video here: 

“I will say looking back that choosing your own path in life can be very rewarding, and some times it’s hard when you’re young to keep your head clear from the naysayers (trust me, I even had really good friends who gave me the best attention trying to convince me I should change careers).”

Speaking about his dreams, he further wrote in the caption, “but they don’t really realize how deep your passion and commitment to your dreams can run. I hope everyone finds their dreams at all costs. The old saying you only live once is real, so make it happen, and don’t forget to help whoever you can on the way to finding yours. Never give up and believe.”

More than 3 million people have viewed the video, and 162,000 have liked it. Several shocked internet users have left feedback in the comments section.

The Reptile Zoo in Fountain Valley, California, which houses hundreds of species of reptiles, ranging from exotic snakes to alligators to tortoises and everything in between, was founded and is owned by Mr. Brewer.

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