Watch: Bride Walks Down Flooded Aisle After Typhoon Doksuri In Philippines

Watch: Bride Walks Down Flooded Aisle After Typhoon Doksuri In Philippines

Typhoon Doksuri came ashore on an island on Wednesday.

A video from the Philippines showing a couple pushing through with their wedding despite flooding in the wake of Typhoon Doksuri is going viral on social media. In the heartwarming clip, bride Dianne Victoriano is seen wading through ankle-deep floodwaters at the Barasoain Church in Malolos. 

“We just resolved to push through with the ceremony, no matter what,” the bride said, as per The Independent. 

Typhoon Doksuri, known locally as Egay, have strengthened monsoon rains in the region and caused flooding in many parts of the province of Bulacan. The huge storm has also caused power outages, flooding and devastation in the region, the BBC reported. 

The couple confessed to feeling anxious in the days leading up to their wedding because of the heavy. However, this did not stop the now newlyweds from marrying in Malolos’ Barasoain Church. Even their guests bravely waded through the flooded church to witness their union.

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“It didn’t matter if the guests refused to come because of the situation. What’s important is that we wanted to be married, that the two of us were there, and that our families were with us,” Ms Victoriano said, according to The Independent. 

Receiving appreciation for their high-spiritedness, several people commented on the Facebook post which has pictures and short clips from the eventful day. “There’s no storm or flood for two people in love, so the wedding continues!” wrote one user. “It’s like a beach wedding, the sand is lacking,” jokingly said another. 

Meanwhile, Typhoon Doksuri came ashore on an island on Wednesday and lashed northern Philippine provinces with strong wind and rain. It blasted tin roofs off rural dwellings, inundated low-lying towns, and cut out power, officials said. The typhoon, which has a 700-kilometre (435-mile) ring of wind and rain, also displaced thousands of people in other northern provinces.

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