Watch: Man Builds A Wooden Playhouse With An Elevator For Son, Internet Loves The Toddler’s Reaction

Watch: Man Builds A Wooden Playhouse With An Elevator For Son, Internet Loves The Toddler's Reaction

Picture shows the man with his son on the wooden elevator.

There are numerous valuable things a father does for his child. From helping the child take those baby steps to feeling proud of every minor achievement, a father’s love is truly unconditional. Depicting this unique bond, one such video is gaining traction on the internet, where a father can be seen building a cute playhouse for his son, and guess what, it comes with an elevator too.

Shared by a user named Danny Deraney on Twitter on Thursday, the caption reads, “This Dad built his son a playhouse with an elevator and the baby’s reaction is pure joy.” The video has been credited by a user named Imgur/Tourmalin.

The film begins with a little child standing over a wooden elevator smiling and expressing his happiness as his father pulls the rope tied to the elevator, which enables the toddler to reach the playhouse his father made for him. Along with the playhouse, his father built a manual elevator.

The toddler joyfully expresses his happiness once he reaches the playhouse and adorably claps with both hands. After a few moments, the man takes the elevator close to the playhouse entrance and the boy stands over it. Further in the video, the man slowly takes the elevator down to the ground. The boy claps once again in utter joy.

Since being shared, the video has amassed over 3.4 million views and more than 1.9 lakh likes. The viral post has also more than 23,000 retweets and numerous comments.

“Dad is gonna really get an upper body workout until he figures out a way to automate that elevator,” wrote a user. Another said, “I know! All I can think about is how many times they are going to be operating that elevator every day.” A third user simply wrote, “Oh the joy,” while sharing the post.

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