Watch: Temple Elephant Blesses Dancer In Karnataka

Watch: Temple Elephant Blesses Dancer In Karnataka

Industrialist Anand Mahindra never ceases to treat us to some fascinating content available on the Internet. This time, he shared a video of an elephant from a temple in Karnataka.

In the clip, uploaded by Mr Mahindra on Twitter, a performer, dressed in traditional attire, is dancing at the temple premises as an elephant and its handler can be seen standing behind. As the dancer turns towards the tusker and folds her hands to seek its blessings, the elephant gently keeps its trunk on her head. Later in the clip, the elephant repeats the act and is seen nodding its head as the dancer continues to perform.

According to the Mahindra Group Chairman, the video is from the Shri Durga Parameshwari Temple in Karnataka. “Shri Durga Parameshwari temple, Kateel, Karnataka. Amazing. And I would like to think the Temple Elephant is bestowing a blessing on all of us for a Happier New Year,” he wrote.

The clip soon started gaining traction and elicited various reactions.

“Elephants have so adorable look that let us feel worshiping,” a user wrote.

Another said, “Temple elephants are such loving creatures…Always blessing each and every person gently with their trunk”.

“The real Indian culture,” a comment read.

Some described the video as “amazing” and “lovely”.

Earlier, Mr Mahindra delivered his “Monday Motivation” message by sharing a video of a boy grabbing an uncontrolled plane with his bare hands. The clip shows a plane descending at a significant speed and in an uncontrolled manner as a man on a motorcycle is pointing towards it. It appears as if the plane will eventually crash. But instead, a boy standing on the roof of a school gets hold of it mid-air. “This fooled me till the very end. The moral? We make our problems and fears larger than they really are. The solutions are always within our grasp. Don’t make your week appear more worrisome than it needs to me,” the caption read. 

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