Woman hurt after learning fiancé proposed to ex using exact same ring

A bride-to-be claims to have been left feeling uncomfortable after learning her fiancé had proposed to his ex with the exact same engagement ring. He reacted furiously when she confronted him

Desperate loving man making marriage proposal to young woman rejecting offer (Stock Photo)
He has never opened up about what went wrong with his previous engagement (Stock Photo)

A bride-to-be, who hasn’t had the best relationship history, says she was left in shock after realising her fiancé had used her engagement ring before, to propose to his ex. She was alerted to this by her best friend Anna, who showed her a picture of the ex, whose name is Jessica, wearing the ring some three years ago. The photo is said to be still up on her Facebook page.

The 25-year-old woman, who has been with her fiancé, Tom, for two years, initially didn’t want to believe it, but her friend informed her that “it was a unique design and there’s no way it could be a coincidence.” She quickly realised Jessica’s ring had the same square diamond tilted to one side, surrounded by smaller ones in a pattern, and had the same layout and colours. There was no denying it.

The ring is said to have a “unique design” (Stock Photo)


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To make things more confusing, Tom has never opened up about why he and Jessica broke up and has previously become defensive whenever the topic was brought up. As she herself has had a complicated romantic history, she’d initially assumed he just didn’t want to talk about past relationships, but now isn’t sure how to feel.

Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/21throw_1away12_, the conflicted woman wrote: “I went to confront Tom asking if he re-used Jessica’s ring to propose to me. He denied it and told me to stop making things up. That I’m being paranoid.

“Then he started to question me… How did I come across this? Why am I going through his ex’s social media? Basically making me look like the bad guy. After arguing back and forth he finally confesses to re-using the ring and saying there’s no reason for me to be angry and confront him like that. How he doesn’t see any issue in proposing to me with that ring.

“Also told me to be grateful he proposed and that I should stop being such a ‘spoiled princess’ and an a****** to him. Said that women should be thankful for getting such a pretty ring.”

She’s now divided. Although she feels she has every right to be angry about being offered a “ring which was a promise made to another woman”, she does wonder whether she could have handled the confrontation better in retrospect.

One person advised: “You are not out of line for wanting to wear a ring that your fiancé picked out for you. Ring issue aside. Your fiancé called you spoiled and essentially said you were ungrateful when you asked him for honesty. Please think about that and give strong consideration to whether or not you want to spend your life with this man.”

Another urged: “Please, do not be desperate enough to marry a man when you a) don’t know his history, b) seem scared to talk to him about basic things, c) obviously have a reason to be scared to talk to him based on how he behaves, d) have a man who lies straight to your face and seems to think you’re lucky to be marrying him.

“If you do not walk away from this relationship, I can almost guarantee you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

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