‘I want to ban mother-in-law’s husband from my house after sexist Christmas comment’

Their young daughter has picked up on his rude comments which is concerning the parents so they don’t want him coming round but the move has angered the in-laws

Woman talking to her mother-in-law
The mother-in-law was far from impressed with the ban (stock photo)

A woman wants to ban her mother-in-law’s husband from going round to their house after she noticed that he makes constant sexist remarks but the move has caused a rift.

She explained that they hosted the in-laws for Christmas Day this year and when dinner was over the man went to watch TV and claimed that it is the women’s job to do all the cleaning up after.

Taking to the ‘Am I Being Unreasonable?’ forum on Mumsnet, the woman, who remained anonymous, explained that her 11-year-old daughter has started to notice the comments and asked why is the man is nasty to women.

The woman does not want these views around her daughter (stock photo)


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In the post, the woman explained: “So recently we have been spending more time with mother-in-law and her new husband. However, both me and my husband have noticed that her husband is sexist.

“He makes comments such as (in reference to female sports commentators) what does she know about sport? Get her away! No women should ever be in (specific) area of this sport.”

The woman went onto explain that they hosted the in-laws for Christmas and she was surprised to hear some of his rude comments after dinner.

“At the end of the meal, he pipes up that he’s away to sit and watch tv as the kitchen is a women’s place for cooking and washing up etc,” said the woman.

“What’s worse, my daughter who is 11 asked her dad “why does he hate women? Is he always this nasty to them?”

Due to his behaviour her and her husband have told the mother-in-law that they do not want him coming round again as they don’t want their daughter around views like that.

But the mother-in-law was far from impressed and texted them both later saying how nasty they are both being and he cannot help his views as that is how he was raised in the country of his birth.

“She says she’s so hurt and she cannot believe we’d do something like this,” wrote the author.

In response, many have leapt to the support of the woman and said his behaviour is not acceptable and they should not let him come back.

One person wrote: “Your house, your rules. You’re an adult so tell him you find his views offensive.”

While another stated: “I’d have called him out over the comments about cooking and washing up. No one gets to act like that in my house! Stick to your guns.”

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