Mike McDaniel’s shower comments: Miami coach freshening up Dolphins, but also himself

Mike McDaniel is freshening up in more ways than one.

The new boss in South Beach is helping revitalize the Dolphins in 2022. McDaniel has helped guide the team to a 3-0 record, and taking aim at 4-0 when they take on the defending AFC Champion Bengals on Thursday night.

McDaniel isn’t just a smart football mind, but he’s a heck of a personality, too. His press conferences during his 49ers tenure are the stuff of Twitter legend, while his image is more befitting of a Brooklyn hipster than NFL head coach.

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That personality has led to some interesting revelations, including a slightly dirty one. On Sept. 14, McDaniel let the public in on a little secret: He’s been bathing a bit more consistently than in years past.

No, really. 

McDaniel is helping cleanse the Dolphins and watch the stench of failure out of South Beach.

Here’s what the Dolphins head coach said about his personal hygiene:

Mike McDaniels’ shower comments

Everyone knows that being an NFL coach is a time-consuming job. Bench bosses talk about sleeping at the facility, or working 20-hour days, so surely there might be a meal missed or an event forgotten here or there.

But showering? Showering is sacred, right? Personal hygiene is important, after all.

But showering during the NFL season wasn’t a daily occurrence for Mike McDaniel before he landed in Miami. Recently, the dolphins head coach explained that taking showers are a more common thing for him now.

“I actually get more sleep now than I did in my past endeavors,” McDaniel said. “Partially because it didn’t matter. I would — I use to be able to really push it from game day to almost Wednesday without showering. Now, that would be obvious. I can’t hide.”

For some people who think that might be McDaniel being facetious, Kyle Shanahan, under whom McDaniel has worked alongside for the majority of his NFL career, said to believe it:

“He’s definitely not lying. That’s accurate,” Shanahan said on McDaniel’s showering habits.

So, there you have it. Mike McDaniel: Raising the bar. Also, the bar soap.

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