Mum fumes as neighbour demands she let their holiday guests sleep in her home

Her and her partner were away for Christmas but considered rushing back home when a neighbour kept asking if he could let some of his guests stay at their house

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She wanted to rush back home quickly (stock photo)

With Christmas now behind us millions of us up and down the country will be making our way back home or even back to work after the festive period.

But one woman and her partner considered coming back from their Christmas trip early as their neighbour kept asking them if he could let some of his family members stay in their house while they were away.

However, after they had said no the first time he kept asking them about this to the point where they just felt like returning home to stop him from letting strangers stay in their house.

Taking to the ‘Am I Being Unreasonable?’ forum on Mumsnet, the woman, who remained anonymous, explained that the neighbour had keys to their house for emergencies so was worried the neighbour could just let himself in without their permission.

The neighbour wanted some of his family to stay in the house next door (stock photo)


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In the post, the woman wrote: “On Boxing Day they text me and asked if some of their family could sleep in our home as more of the family had arrive unexpectedly!

“We said no because beds need changing and heating not on etc, (also I don’t want strangers in my home).”

But since then they have received text after text demanding that they let him use their home for some of his extra guests.

She said: ” I have also repeatedly tried to ring them but they are not picking up! The last one was very late last night asking again and saying the family who they want to stay’s car has broken down!

“I feel like packing up here and going home now as so worried they will just use my house anyway! I don’t have any friends or family nearby who can check on my home. My partner has said they surely won’t just use our house but I’m not sure they won’t.”

In response, many have supported the woman as one person wrote: “Really inappropriate of them. I’m sorry that it’s affecting your time away – I would feel exactly the same as you!”

While another stated: “I’d be going home unexpectedly early if I was you.”

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