‘My family’s furious that I’m attending my friend’s wedding over my brother’s’

A double-booked wedding guest has sparked a family row after choosing to attend her friend’s wedding over her brother’s – as both dates have fallen on the same day

A woman is torn over what wedding to attend (stock photo)
A woman is torn over what wedding to attend (stock photo)

Weddings are often associated with heartfelt celebrations surrounded by your closest friends and family. However, a woman is feeling far from joyful as the choice of attending her best friend’s wedding over her brother’s has caused a family tiff.

The double-booked guest faced a major dilemma as both wedding dates fell on the same day, but she feels a duty to attend her friend’s big day. She explained: “I was asked to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding and my daughter to be a flower girl last year after lockdown. My daughter is excited, she keeps telling everyone she’s going to be a flower girl.

The wedding dilemma has sparked a family row (stock photo)


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“The friend is like a sister to me; we’re always helping each other out and she’s even introduced me to people as her other sister.

“She only has one flower girl (my daughter) and two bridesmaids (me and her sister), so it will be noticeable if we’re not there.

“My brother got engaged last week and told me the date of the wedding this morning, which is the same date as my friends.”

In the post on the popular forum Mumsnet, the woman described how she took the brave decision to decline her brother’s invite, which sparked a family row.

She bravely told her brother her decision (stock photo)


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She explained: “I’ve told him I can’t make that date due to my friend’s wedding, the date has been on the shared family calendar since last year when we were asked to be bridesmaid and flower girl.

“We’re not part of the wedding party at all for my brother, but obviously my parents, grandparents, and other family will be there and notice if we’re not.

“My brother told me that he takes priority and I have to tell my friend we can no longer do her wedding.

“My parents have now got involved and told me that I absolutely have to be at my brother’s wedding and that they will ‘never forgive me’ or help me out with childcare again if I don’t go.

She added: “My brother and I are usually close, chat most days and I love him, but I also love my friend and she’s been there for me at times my brother couldn’t be.

“Am I being unreasonable to choose my friend over my brother even though I will likely lose my entire family because of it?” She pleaded for advice.

Taking their thoughts to the comment section of the post, users were conflicted over the right choice of action.

One user said: “Absolutely stuck with your friend – it was booked first and I’m sure your brother could probably amend his date a lot easier if it’s only been booked a short while.”

“You have a prior engagement that was already accepted, you go to your friends wedding. Your brother rearranges his wedding if it’s that important to him you are there,” a second agreed.

On the other hand, a different user said: “I’d go to my brothers over a friend. Family first.”

“Go to your brother’s wedding,” another added.

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