‘Southern Charm’ Star Olivia Flowers Has a New Boyfriend and He Gets Along With Her Ex Austen Kroll

Karma is Olivia Flowers’ boyfriend! Fans quickly grew to love the Southern Charm star after she kept her cool and took the high road after bestie Taylor Ann Green broke girl code with Olivia’s ex-boyfriend Austen Kroll. The scandal was a hot topic during season 9 and as fans are watching the aftermath play out on TV, Olivia has moved on in a new relationship.

Who Is ‘Southern Charm’ Star Olivia Flowers’ New Boyfriend?

The reality star started taking fans along her dates via TikTok in October 2023. The following month, Olivia debuted her boyfriend, Alex, while on a group vacation in the Bahamas.

“When your ex and new mans have the say tee time,” Olivia wrote in a TikTok video on November 10. The clip featured Olivia pretending to be stressed before cutting to Alex and Austen golfing while seemingly enjoying their time together.

Olivia later revealed Alex’s identity during the November 30 episode of his “Viall Files” podcast and shared how they met.

“His name’s Alex [and] he’s from Dallas. We met at a wedding,” she said. “I was my dad’s date [to the ceremony] and he was running late to it. So, I’m walking in by myself, late, and [Alex] was the usher and he’s like, ‘Can I walk you down the aisle?’ I was like, ‘It’s a little soon, but OK.’”

Who Is ‘Southern Charm’ Star Olivia Flowers’ New Boyfriend?
Olivia Flowers/ TikTok

The social media marketer admitted that Alex “didn’t know” what Southern Charm was, let alone Olivia’s reality TV stardom. She also discussed her TikTok video of Alex and Austen while revealing that they had met shortly before it was taken.

“Well, [Alex and Austen] met and it went well. Because Alex can get extra nice when he’s drunk and be buddy-buddy, I was like, ‘Babe, just go and be nice, but you don’t have to be besties with him,’” she joked, noting, “There were, like, four golf carts and they were in one together and I was like, ‘Goddammit.’”

When Did Southern Charm’s Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll Break Up?

Olivia and Austen went on their first date at Southern Charm alum Kathryn Dennis’ Great Gatsby party in September 2021. Fans saw the moment during Southern Charm season 8, which was also Olivia’s debut season.

The former couple had a rocky relationship throughout the season and Olivia spilled the beans of their split during the season 8 reunion.

“I told you I don’t see it with us right now. I imagined that we would get there. And you were just like, ‘Then, yeah, we’ll be friends,’” she told her ex at the reunion, adding, “I was, like, really patient with him all these months while he was trying to figure out what he wanted and the one time I needed him to be patient with me, he wasn’t. He was like, ‘OK, well I tried and that’s that.’”

Olivia and Austen were on cordial terms during season 9 until word spread that he kissed up with costar and Shep Rose’s ex-girlfriend Taylor. However, they put their differences aside when Olivia’s brother, Conor Flowers, died while filming. Austen quickly became a good friend to his ex and helped her navigate the grief of a sibling as his sister died as a kid.

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