Who Is Joey Graziadei’s Father? Inside ‘The Bachelor’ Star’s Relationship With His Gay Dad Nick

Joey Graziadei introduced his final two women, Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent, to his family on the season finale of The Bachelor and fans want to know more about his supportive father, Nick Graziadei.

Who Is ‘The Bachelor’ Star Joey Graziadei’s Father?

Joey’s dad is Nick Graziadei. The tennis instructor first opened up to the public about his relationship with Nick on season 20 of The Bachelorette in 2023. Joey told Charity Lawson about how his parents divorced when he was in first grade because Nick came out as gay.

“My parents split when I was pretty young,” Joey shared. “I wouldn’t say it was easy. But my family is just an extremely loving family. And both my parents were amazing coparents, so the fact that that didn’t work out doesn’t take away from romance for me.”

In July 2023, Joey opened up about why he decided to speak candidly about his unique family situation so early on with Charity. “You never know on this show when you’re going to get your moment to share something personal,” he explained on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “It was a mix of [feeling] so comfortable with Charity to talk to her about it but also I didn’t know when I would get another time like this when I’d have uninterrupted time to do it correctly.”

The former Hawaii resident then discussed how he learned about his dad’s sexuality during an interview on “The Viall Files” podcast in March 2024. “My little sister was a year or two younger than me and she knew right away that my dad had a boyfriend and everything,” Joey said. “I thought it was his roommates. It took me a while to figure it out.”

By the time Joey was in middle school, his dad explained things. “I said something a little insensitive around my dad and sister and my dad was like, ‘Oh, he really doesn’t know,’” Joey recalled. “He never sat me down and had that talk because it’s a tough talk to have. I still remember this conversation. He tried his best to explain everything.”

Nick lives in Pennsylvania and has a private Instagram account.

What Is Joey Graziadei’s Relationship With His Father?

Joey and his dad have an extremely close relationship. Nick often appears in photos on Joey’s Instagram page and the reality star opened up about their bond on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast in July 2023.

who is joey graziadeis father meet his gay dad nick

“My dad is one of my favorite people in this world and I talk to him about everything,” Joey dished. “So when explaining who he is as a person, it’s part of him and it’s something that needs to be talked about more and not so refrained from or worried to talk about.”

However, before Joey opened up about his dad’s personal life on national television, he had a conversation with him first. “I had to think through when I wanted to bring up my parents’ divorce and my dad coming out,” he admitted. “It’s serious and it’s important. I had a conversation with my dad before going on the show and I wanted to make sure he was OK with me sharing his story because it’s something that’s affected me, but it’s really his life.”

The Pennsylvania native said that his dad was “comfortable” with his story being shared because he “trusted” that Joey would talk about it “in the right light.”

Joey admittedly knew it would be crucial to talk about his family while his relationship with Charity developed. “You have to connect on something and family is something that’s so big for Charity,” he explained. “I could also talk about my family for hours. To explain my family’s dynamic was something that was super important.”

On “The Viall Files,” Joey opened up about how proud he was of his dad for living his “true self.” “I appreciate [it] so much that my dad did that,” he shared. “I just think he’s a really special person. I am so happy that I learned about that and started out understanding what love is like, having him show that side of himself. He’s able to live in his true light right now. It definitely made me more of an understanding person, I would say. I love that man.”

Nick briefly resurfaced during the premiere of Joey’s season of The Bachelor in January 2024. The former college athlete had a brief conversation with his parents and sisters before beginning his journey on the show. During the finale, Nick got to know Daisy and Kelsey. He seemed extremely moved when Kelsey opened up about the death of her mother and listened intently as Daisy recounted her hearing loss story.

After the family meeting, Joey chose Kelsey as his final pick and they got engaged. Nick was in the audience at After the Final Rose to celebrate with the happy couple and the rest of the family.

Is Joey Graziadei’s Dad Married?

During his “Viall Files” interview, Joey confirmed that his dad was still single. “If anyone’s out there, slide into my DMs for my dad,” he told listeners. “I got you.”

However, he also said in the interview that his dad had previously been in relationships after his divorce from Joey’s mom.

Who Is Joey Graziadei’s Mom?

Joey’s mom is Cathy Pagliaro. Despite her divorce from Nick, the two have remained amicable while coparenting their children. In addition to Joey, they also have daughters Carly Monzo and Eleanor Graziadei.

Cathy and Nick proved that they were on good terms during the season 28 premiere of The Bachelor in January 2024. They appeared in the same scene as they chatted with Joey. Then, they were both there when Joey introduced the family to Daisy and Kelsey during the finale a few weeks later.

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