Bride refuses to allow daughter to attend her wedding wearing Manchester City shirt

A bride-to-be says her 12-year-old daughter has refused to wear a bridesmaid dress to her upcoming wedding, insisting on wearing something casual instead. She now feels as though it would be better if she didn’t attend at all

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She’s told her daughter it would be it ‘better if she didn’t come’ (Stock Photo)

A bride-to-be has found herself at odds with her 12-year-old daughter, who she says has been uncooperative throughout the wedding planning process. The fed-up mum, who has been engaged for six months, says her daughter refuses to wear a bridesmaid dress, or any other type of dress and instead wants to wear something that better represents her.

At first, the 34-year-old bride, who will be tying the knot in eight months’ time, assumed the girl could wear a suit or something similar and was initially supportive of her point. However, she has since changed her mind after learning the exact outfit the youngster wanted to wear, a get-up consisting of ‘a Manchester City shirt, a long black pleated skirt and black leather sandals with three centimetre heels’.

She says her daughter has been uncooperative throughout the wedding planning process (Stock Photo)


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Taking to Reddit, where she goes by the username u/Prestigious-Emu-3825, the unnamed woman explained: “The issue was that she ended up saying she wouldn’t wear anything expensive or formal to the wedding because she feels that kind of clothing does not represent her individuality not just from a gender perspective but also from a cultural and social point of view.”

Although she understood and respected where her daughter was coming from, she felt she had to draw a line at the football shirt and sandals combo, and didn’t mince her words.

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She continued: “I tell her it would be better if she didn’t come then but she says if she isn’t at the wedding she won’t recognise our marriage and still consider me to be single. We have been arguing about this a lot but she does not change her mind.”

Her 41-year-old fiancé doesn’t feel that this alternative outfit choice is too much of a ‘big deal’, and believes they should just allow her to attend wearing anything she likes. She strongly disagrees however and furthermore doesn’t want to ‘reward’ her daughter for the way she’s been acting.

One fellow Reddit user commented: “I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this is about more than what she wears to the wedding. Does your daughter actually like your fiancé? Is her dad still in the picture? She was really quick to jump to not acknowledging your marriage if you don’t let her come.

“As it stands, she’s 12, let her wear what she wants, you can all laugh about it later if she doesn’t cut contact with you once she’s an adult.”

Another wrote: “She’s testing boundaries, the big question is why. Where’s her dad? Does she feel that you’re getting married too soon? Is she frightened that she won’t matter to you once you’re married to someone else? Sit down with her and talk it through.

“You need to compromise but within reason. Allow her to be individual but in a more positive way than wearing a football shirt for a formal occasion.”

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