‘I refuse to go to cousin’s baby shower as she showed up to my wedding pregnant’

A woman did not announce her pregnancy at her cousin’s wedding but was just visibly pregnant, which left the bride fuming and not wanting to go to an upcoming baby shower

Bride and groom at their wedding
The cousin tried to keep attention on the bride (stock photo)

A woman is fuming with her cousin for showing up to her wedding pregnant – and is now questioning if she wants to attend the baby shower.

At the wedding a few weeks ago, the cousin did not make a big announcement and kept the attention on the bride.

But this didn’t matter to the fuming wife-to-be, who saw her cousin walk in and felt she was wearing a dress which would show off her pregnancy bump.

The bride felt her wedding turned into a pregnancy-fest where all the attention was off the happy couple – and is now not sure if she wants to go to the baby shower.

The bride felt she was being malicious (stock photo)


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Taking to Reddit, the woman, who remained anonymous, explained: “My cousin, who is 19, and her husband, who is 25 quietly walked in, she wearing an asymmetrical dress and although not an overly tight fit, it was revealing enough for even the most clueless of a person to tell she’s pregnant.

“My wedding and the reception quickly turned into a pregnant belly love fest. To my knowledge, she never directly said ‘I’m pregnant”. Just accepted the congratulations from everyone.”

She went onto say that at one point one of her guests came over to her and began talking about how great it was that the family was about to get a little bigger, which left her fuming.

“I do feel her intentions were malicious and obvious. It’s all anyone was talking about,” she said.

“Things were kept cordial but I am very hurt and considering not attending the baby shower when it comes. A date hasn’t been announced yet, but I know it’s coming.”

In response, many have claimed the bride was acting unreasonably and her cousin cannot help the fact she is pregnant around the time of the wedding.

One person wrote: “The whole world doesn’t stop simply because you decided to get married. Maybe you should focus more on your marriage rather than your wedding.”

While another stated: “You’re in the wrong for making it seem like she is an evil mastermind when she actually was as respectful as she could be in her situation.”

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