Isiah Pacheco’s Got Game But Does He Have a Girlfriend? Chiefs Star’s Dating and Family Life

The Kansas City Chiefs’ star running back Isiah Pacheco is one of the most handsome players in the NFL, in addition to his incredible talent. Fans are curious if he has a girlfriend or is a single man.

Does Chiefs’ Star Isiah Pacheco Have a Girlfriend?

All signs point to no. Isiah has never discussed his dating life or if he has a significant other, and there has been no sign of a possible girlfriend cheering him on at Chiefs games or with him following a matchup at Arrowhead Stadium.

Isiah’s Instagram page is primarily dedicated to his football career highlights and achievements, along with two of his other passions, designer fashion and cars.

Isiah Has Suffered Multiple Family Tragedies

Isiah is the youngest child of mother Felicia Cannon‘s five children and dad Julio Pacheco‘s three kids. As a freshman at Vineland High School in Vineland, New Jersey, he was elected captain of the school’s football team, which he would lead for four years.

Tragedy struck when Isiah was 16 years old and his older brother, Travoise, was fatally stabbed on January 10, 2016, in his apartment. He was 29 at the time. The alleged attacker claimed self defense and later received three-years probation after pleading guilty to third-degree hindering/hiding evidence.

Less than a year later, Isiah’s beloved older sister, Celeste Cannon, was shot to death inside her Millville, New Jersey, home. She was 24 years old.

“We don’t know what happened yet, we just know she was murdered,” then-high-schooler Isiah told at the time. “It’s been a hard year for me. My brother was stabbed to death last year. He was (in his 20s) and he was murdered by my other sister’s boyfriend. It’s just been horrible.”

“My grandmother passed right after my brother. I’ve just been trying to be there for my mom. It’s been hard for my mom and my family. I’m just trying to stay strong and keep working hard and make it to the next level. I know any time I have the opportunity to be on the field, they’ll be looking over me.”

Does KC Chiefs Star Isiah Pacheco Have a Girlfriend?
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In 2019, a jury found Donald Scurry guilty of first-degree murder, hindering and several weapons offenses in Celeste’s murder and was sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Isiah went on to become a standout player at New Jersey’s Rutgers University, where his parents could watch him play. He spoke about how he wished his late brother could have watched his career thrive in a 2019 interview with

“If he was to see me here, he’d be shocked. He encouraged me to play football as a kid, and he never got the opportunity to see me play here. Having an opportunity to play ball helps me a lot not worrying about the tragedies that happened. It makes me want to go harder,” Isiah said.

Isiah Pacheco Is Extremely Close With His Mother

During a Rutgers game versus Michigan in 2019, Isiah’s dad saw him blow kisses towards the stands and wondered if he had a girlfriend.

“I looked up and saw my mom and I blew her two kisses,” Isiah recalled to “My dad after the game asked, ‘Who were you blowing kisses to?’ And my mom was like, ‘He was blowing kisses to me!’ And I said, ‘That’s crazy, ma, because I really was.’ She’s been through so much. I told her that touchdown was for her.’’

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