Who Is Jenn Tran? ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant Is Racing Her Way to Joey Graziadei’s Heart!

Jenn Tran made a memorable entrance to season 28 of The Bachelor and she’s continued to win Joey Graziadei’s heart in the weeks since. So, what do we know about the gorgeous reality star?

This story contains spoilers for The Bachelor season 28.

Who Is The Bachelor’s Jenn Tran?

Jenn is one of the 32 women dating Joey in hopes of becoming his fiancée at the end of the season.

According to ABC, the Miami girl is “bubbly and compassionate and has dedicated her life to helping others.” As for her search to find love, “Jenn has had multiple serious relationships but is still looking for a man who’s as reliable and thoughtful as she is.”

Jenn is from Miami, Florida, but her family is Vietnamese. She is bilingual.

What Is The Bachelor’s Jenn Tran’s Job?

Jenn is currently studying to become a physician assistant. The ABC beauty graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 2020 and is now gearing up to take the medical field by storm.

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“Reminiscing on this glorious day to remind myself I made it through hell (didactic year) and give me the motivation I need to study for this EOR exam I’ve been putting off for the past four weeks,” she captioned a December 2023 Instagram post.

In February 2024, Jenn opened up about how she managed to appear on the reality show as a PA student. “First and foremost, no I did not drop out of school,” she confirmed. “The deciding factor of me putting my career on hold was, honestly, Joey. I was terrified when I found out it was Joey because I realized that it was all becoming real and that I needed to ask permission from my school to go and do the show.”

While Jenn admittedly didn’t know how her teachers would react, she said she got “lucky” with her advisor’s reaction. “She was so supportive of it,” Jenn gushed. Obviously, there was a lot of hoops that we had to jump through and other people that we had to talk to in order for it to all work out. But she was like, ‘We can absolutely do this. We can put two rotations on hold for you and you can just repeat them after advanced didactic year.’”

Jenn will be able to walk at graduation with the rest of her class, even though she won’t be graduating on paper at the same time as them.

What Has Jenn Tran Said About ‘The Bachelor’?

If there’s one thing you can count on Jenn for, it’s that she doesn’t follow the norm. Like her costars, Jenn posted her official Bachelor headshot via Instagram on December 20, 2023. However, she upped the ante when she shared a clip of herself dancing from her promo video the following day.

“Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation,” a viral TikTok sound played in the background. Timestamped Snapchats filled the remainder of the video, dating back to 2017. Jenn is seen crying in most of the photos and videos, while others had personal messages. “If a man treats you like he doesn’t care about you. Believe him,” Jenn’s 2021 Snapchat read.

How Far Does Jenn Trann Make It With Joey Graziadei on ‘The Bachelor’?

Unsurprisingly, Jenn and the tennis pro form a strong connection throughout the season! She almost made it to hometowns, but Joey sent her home while choosing his top four women, according to Reality Steve.

Things got off to a fast start for Jenn and Joey, as she had one of the most memorable limo entrances on night one of filming. Jenn actually ditched the limo and cruised to Joey’s heart by pulling up to the Bachelor mansion in a go-kart. Not to mention, she got bonus points for executing a donut in style.

“Honestly, I don’t know how anyone’s gonna top this tonight,” she said in a confessional after meeting Joey. “Like, memorable for sure.

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